Woodworkers Guild

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The Woodworkers Guild is located in the Kalamazoo area and meets every second Tuesday of the month except for the summer months. You are welcome to attend any meeting and you are encouraged to join. Current dues are $25 per year.


Next Meeting Location
(Note: Guild meetings will be canceled if Kalamazoo Public Schools or activities are closed due to inclement weather.)


  • October 11, 2016


  • Figures of Wood Saw Mill


  • TBA


  • Figures of Wood saw mill with David Lewis


A Recent Event

Handley's Hardwood Rodeo

       The weekend of Aug 5-6 we had a display setup at Handley's Hardwood just outside of Kalamazoo. We (Ron Princing, George Armstrong and Mike Cline) had good conversations with a lot of attendees.
       Thanks to George, Ron, Mike and Al
Collison for the tables and Bill Crown for the display board and exhibits of our past projects.

A view from outside the tent.

Our display board and past projects.

Some of our members projects on display


Meeting Schedule
for the 2015-2016 year

  • September 13 – Season Opener @ Al’s
  • October 11 – Visit to David Lewis Figures of Wood saw mill, road trip
  • November 8 – Joe Beam custom furniture
  • December 13 – Woodcraft presentation, spray finishing
  • January 10 – Aaron Stinson - Chainsaw carver - builder
  • February 7 –Tom Niehl - Wood Identification
  • March 14 – Titebond adhesive follow up with Bob Behnke
  • April 11 – Kendall School of Design - Furniture Design - road trip
  • May 9 – Blacksmithing - Chuck Andrews - road trip
  • June 13 – Guild picnic, Bill Crown