Woodworkers Guild

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The Woodworkers Guild is located in the Kalamazoo area and meets every second Tuesday of the month except for the summer months. You are welcome to attend any meeting and you are encouraged to join. Current dues are $25 per year.


Next Meeting Location
(Note: Guild meetings will be canceled if Kalamazoo Public Schools or activities are closed due to inclement weather.)


  • September 13, 2016


  • To Be Announced






A Recent Event

Handley's Hardwood Rodeo

       The weekend of Aug 5-6 we had a display setup at Handley's Hardwood just outside of Kalamazoo. We (Ron Princing, George Armstrong and Mike Cline) had good conversations with a lot of attendees.
       Thanks to George, Ron, Mike and Al
Collison for the tables and Bill Crown for the display board and exhibits of our past projects.

A view from outside the tent.

Our display board and past projects.

Some of our members projects on display

New Members 2015-2016 Season..ooth

  • Cindy Getman
  • Tom Schommer
  • Ben Tanis
  • Jan Urfer
  • George Wade
  • Nathan Rowley
  • Larry Putnam
  • Craig Stouffer
  • Marty Stradt
  • Bob Soos
  • Tim Tallon
  • Kevin Wixson
  • Dave Grubaugh
  • Frank Behie
  • Tom Nehil

We'd like to extend a warm welcome to these new members


Meeting Schedule
for the 2015-2016 year

  • The schedule for the 2016-2017 Season has not been determined as of yet.

We had a great year this past season with 62 paid up members, including 15 new members.

Thanks to all the members that participated in the group builds this year, including the Memorial Flag Box Build and the annual Toys for Christmas build.